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Please think LOST, not stray…

When you see an unattended animal, we strongly encourage you to think LOST, not stray! Just because that little doggy has matted dirty fur and seems to be trembling in fear, it doesn’t mean that a week prior he wasn’t freshly groomed and basking in his owner’s tender adoration. Even a couple of days in the street can cause animals receiving the best of care to look pathetic. Animals who were calm and friendly in their familiar environments can appear frightened and abused when lost.

Those who find an unattended animal often feel that the owners are undeserving of the pet since it is on the loose. Accidents happen, even in the best of homes!  It is very common for pet to get loose as they are being transported to the vet or groomer, while traveling, while in the care of a pet-sitter or even as the result of a traffic accident.

PLEASE make EVERY REASONABLE EFFORT to find an unattended animal’s owner before “adopting” or re-homing it.

  • Contact the local animal shelter.
  • Have the animal scanned for a microchip.
  • Place Neon Posters at Major Intersections starting at 1 to 5 miles.
  • Post on Craig’s List with a photo.

People are often wary of turning unattended animals into the shelter, for fear they will be euthanized. While this can be a legitimate concern, the shelter is also where people are most likely to look for and recover their pets. Minimally, make sure you contact the local shelter with detailed information on the animal you have found so the information will be available to the owner.

IF YOU SEE A LOOSE ANIMAL AND DON’T HAVE THE TIME OR INCLINATION TO DO ANYTHING ELSE, PLEASE SNAP ITS PICTURE WITH YOU CELL PHONE. That way, if you see a “Lost Pet” flier or sign later, you will be able to text the photo to the owner, helping pinpoint the pet’s location.

Help us spread the word…please think LOST, not stray…

Thank You!