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Lost Dog Behavior

For help finding your beloved canine, please carefully review the following information.


While searching for a lost dog, consider the following:

The most frequent comment we hear after the successful recovery of a lost dog is, ‘”I still can’t believe how FAR he was from home!” If you don’t find your dog right away, quickly expand your search area!

The second most common thing our clients say is “I can’t believe she RAN from me!” When our beloved pets are on the lam, they go into a survival mode that seems to preclude their ability to recognize an adored owner. Try not to take it personally if your dog does not seem to recognize you or is unwilling to come to you. Lure, don’t chase!

Large dogs end up at the animal shelter more often than small ones. Small friendly dogs are commonly picked up, exchange hands two to three times and are eventually recovered 15-45 minutes away from home by car. Post on multiple Craig’s Lists and check multiple animal shelters.  Don’t forget to check the shelter infirmary and check deceased animal pick-up lists, heart-breaking but necessary.  Stay positive!