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Judith Britton Investigations’ Lost Pet Tracker provides Pet Recovery Services throughout the Western United States. Our Murrieta Branch Office is located in Southern California, but we routinely travel far beyond our local community as we provide Individualized Consultations, On-Site Investigations & K-9 Searches.  Explore our website, then call (951)445-2535 so we may discuss the details of your case.

Pet Owner Education is vital in the recovery of missing pets. Work smarter, not harder so that you will be able to create a sustainable search. It often takes weeks to recover a missing pet, so don’t give up until you have exhausted every avenue available in tracking down you pet!

We are pleased to offer free missing animal listing services. You may upload images and post details about missing pets on our free Lost Pet Directory.

Our Pet Transportation page features the specifics of our reliable pet transport services. Visit the page to see our animal transportation options, which are personalized for the needs of each situation.