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I saw my dog the day after he went missing, and he ran from me, why?

We don’t know the specifics of why, but we do know that pets out of their normal environment go into a survival mode in which they often cease to recognize their loving family members.


Surely my pet wouldn’t cross that busy freeway, would he?

That freeway isn’t so busy in the middle of the night, and it is not uncommon for lost pets to cross a freeway, or go up an on-ramp and off the next.


The shelter will call me if my pet is picked up, won’t they? She not only has a current tag, but is also micro-chipped.

It is always best to periodically visit the shelter in person. Collars can come off, chips can migrate and clerical errors do occur.


Pets have a natural homing instinct, right? If I’m patient, my cat Fluffy will show up eventually?

Not necessarily. Pets are territorial, and cats, in particular, often can’t get home because of more dominant cats’ territories blocking their path.


I’ve put fliers all around the neighborhood, gone to the shelter and walked everywhere in the area. What else can I do?

Think big! Expand your search area and do so with LARGE SIGNS rather than fliers.